World of social networks

Social networking sites holds a great place in the mind of the people. Now we can see that everything in the work is becoming social because of the influence of social network. Social network is a mass communication media which help a person to communicate with others without any restriction based on the distance gap or others. It also a major role in students to improve their communication skills as well as improve grammatical mistakes. This is a very good and most helpful part from social networks. Facebook is a social networking site which is currently the world favourite social network through it one can share their opinions, photos, videos and can send messages to friends and adjoueds. Day by day new users were coming to this social network. Not only facebook but also other social networking sites like Google+, twitter etc are also playing big role in this modern world. But one thing that a social network user need to understand is everything that we see good in our eyes is not only have goodness but also there are some bad things also, Yes, social network has many disadvantages which is affecting students and teenagers in large amount. That is it will kill your valuable time it is not the fault of the social networking sites it is the fault of us to take control over it. We need to use social network wisely otherwise there are many problems which will cause us in very hardly. Many blackmailing and divorces are occuring because of the social network the reason behind all this thing is the misuse of technology. We need to use everything positively not negatively.

For social, marketing, blogging purposes social network help us in great volume but if we didn't care ourself with the use of social network then it will hardly affect us. I never meant that social networks are bad it is not something like that but what I said is we need to give attention when using social networking sites for adding friends, sharing photos, talking to a stranger etc. This mass media help us to make friends from different community that is good but when we add a stranger as a friend we need to check their profile in detailed manner for to find that they are good or bad. Many users were misusing the social networking sites by creating fake profiles for cheating others. So be careful and don't fall in the trap of social network problem by our mistake. Be safe. All the best.

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