Hide your tears for others happiness

It is not at all easy for a person to live without any problems are worries. As like the happiness, sorrows are also a part of our life. We need to led a life by restricting all the problems. In this world it is important for us to make others happy because everyone has their own problem if we make others worry with our problem then it will become a big bundle. We need to share our worries to our beloved so that our mind will get some satisfaction. And also we need to careful if our worries make them worried then it is better if don't share it with them. If we have a problem then we are the responsible and the one has to solve it if you can't help yourself it is good to ask help to your beloved friend or relative. Life is not something that run accordingly to our calculation it just goes according to the way that god planned about us. We need to prepare everytime for the next because as like joy, sad were also a part of us. The world famous comedian Charlie Chaplin once said that he hides his tears for others happiness. His acting makes millions of peoples to forget their worries and problems and make them to laugh with his jokes and action but what about Charlie, he always worked for others happiness by hiding his sorrows. Just like that we need to work for others happiness not for ours only because when we make others happy, atleast we are helping them for a while to forget their problems. Not only the poor people has sadness even the richest peoples have some kinds of sorrows and problems in one way or another way but we are not seeing it because of their money. When we make others happy, our mind will get satisfaction and relief. God created everyone equally and he doesn't have any inequality to anyone.
We are just only seeing the happy face of the people but in the hearts sometimes many problems and worries are there. Sometimes our expectation may not comes into reality but don't make others sad for our worries. Make them happy for our minds satisfaction. Every problems in this world have one way or another way have some solution but thing is sometimes it may be very difficulty. So solve it yourself without making others worry. If you have a big problem then it is better if you share it with someone who knows your heart very well. All the best.

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