Success is not a fact it is a desire

Success is not a story it is real life in which a person who did it with his hardwork. There are many factors which is responsible in the success of a person some of them are hardwork, dreaming, practice, challenges etc. There is a famous english phrase which is telling about success that is " Work hard now for a bright future and realize that you alone are responsible for your success and failure". It is absolutely right that we are the one who decide our future luck is only a some part of it. There is only one life to handle with care if our life is not successful then what is the use of it everything that we see in this world will not support us for the development of our future. There is another famous quotes which is also pointing towards success that is "NO substitute for HARDWORK" it is a real fact that we can't success with the help of anothers person's hardwork for our success we need to work hard. In football we know that in the middle of a game the coach changes players by taking substitutes but not a player can make his success with the help his substitute for his success he is the only one who responsible and the one needed to be the key of the team. Just like this in our life the success is waiting if you hardwork with real passion you can make any goals in your life. The beginning chapter of success is not winning a mark but start it from fails, after learning the source of fails one can achieve his goal with his hardwork. Remember this nothing in this work is impossible everything that we see in this world is possibilities, never say that I can't tell yourself that I can which will increase your confidence as well as inspirate your mind to challenge problems which is in front of your success. Nobody in this world is borned as a successful person but they make success with hardwork, situations are not the one which decides the success but sometimes it may be but not all the times. For our success situation doesn't have a role on it.

Making success from a bad situation is the real success behind personality because there is not much chance for the development of the personality of that person but in that situation one who makes success by the hardwork is absolutely the real winner of life. So remember this always " I am the one who is responsible for my future". It is sure that if you have faith and real passion in your mind about your future and also with hardwork your life will be a successful. All the best.

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