Don't misuse anything for your will

Everything that we see in this world is not occured naturally. All things extremely or essentially made for a specific reason. Thats why once Mahatma Gandhiji has said- There is resources for everyones need but not for everyone's greed. Actually it is true that god has given all things which is including biodiversity, nature and everything that we see but all this things have a specific purpose about its use the biodiversity, nature etc are gift of good for the needs of us but when we use this resourses for our greed it means we are exploiting them. Once our earth has many varieties of species but now many of them had extincted and now many of them are facing endanger. Like that on the case of many things once our earth has many rare medicinal plants which can cure various harmful diseases but it all gone because of the irresponsibility and greed attitude of the human beings. We need conservation mind that is we need to use the resources for our needs not for our greeds so that we can store it for the future generation. On the earth 76% are surrounded by water but only 1% has pure for drink, water is everywhere but not for drinking. It is mainly because of the misuse of the humans for their on wish. Non renewable substance like petroleum products are very essential thing for today's life but more than our use we are misusing it. It is believed that within 30 years all the petroleum products are vanished from the earth because of the high amount of its use. Our money can buy a petrol pump but if there is no petroleum products what is the use of our money. Thats why I am telling this we need to be careful when we use our natural products for our misuse. Even many countries doesn't have any food for there starve but we are wasting it for nothing.

When ever we use a thing or waste a resourse we need to think that there are many people who doesn't have a chance to get this resource. Everything that we see in this earth is equally for everyone so don't waste anything or misuse anything for your personal interest. The only theme that I will like to spread through this short message is life is for living which is equally reserved for everyone don't misuse anything for your need just use it for your need and conserve it for the future belongs. Even me also one who are part of this message, I hope that everything will be alright if everyone has this attitude, sometimes my words are not my behaviour but now I am trying to make my words valuable. All the best.

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