Ways to get a free domain name

Many bloggers are searching the ways to create a free website with free domain. Actually it is not possible to register a domain name for free but there is someway one can make it. Dot.tk will be a solution for such seekers, this is an online domain registering center where a person can register domain names for free but it never means that you will get .com, .net, .org domains it only give you domain on the base of yourname.tk . It is easy to register and making an account, after creating an account one can register a domain name. But the real problem is dottk doesn't have a web builder so the webmaster has two option one is learn web programming languages like html, php or use an external web builder. An external web builder is possible from wordpress.org from here the web master can download the web tool. And can make the site fantastic according to their wish, wordpress tools are webmaster friendly so anyone can manage it without any previous knowledge. Dot.tk allows the webmaster to host their site for free so program lovers can try it for free. Make web pages and host it on the dot.tk and make the site more attracting. These websites are exactly like that we do in blog style. The greatest advantage of this domain registering site is one can make url with the registering domain can host and build the site using an external site builder.

But the domain that is .tk is not much popular as .com or .net so making a website with .tk domain will not make much sense in the eyes of the visitors to think about the site is trusted. However one can use this domain for sharing contents and blogging. It is very tough to get a domain name without buying it so for that purpose .tk is good to the webmaster but domain name with .com is the mostly prefered domain so if you are wish to get .com domain name for free then there is still an option that is sign up on godaddy.com and using your referral link refer others. Through point system when you are eligible you can buy a domain name from godaddy itself and can also host it on their. It is not possible to get a free .com by only sign up. All the best.

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