Some Seo visibility tips

Search visibility of a site is determined with many factors one of the factor is the setting of search preference in the site. Some blogs may not get much audience from search engine even though it has a good positions in its keywords the reason for that is the wrong search preference. Adding a meta description is an important part of a site thus it can bring more visitors than from the simple keyword searchings. Provide maximum informations about the blog in 150 character or give different keywords by separating commas, this will help the site to generate more visitors from the keywords. Contents are the key of a site thus it can bring more visitors with the help of keyword so make the site to get infront of the search results according to the keyword, some blog search results are provided in the way of its description. The webmaster need to have some sense about the indexed pages that his website has, to know which are the indexed pages that the site has then search site:url . This will bring all the indexed pages of the site. Having more number indexed pages means more chance for getting visitors from search engine. Provide a sitemap for the site so it will also help the blog to generate more visitors. The way we provide some keywords in the contents which will not able to generate visitors the reason provide it in the way of it needed. If a post is deleted from the site but search engine has an indexed page of it then there is enough possibility that visitor may comes into the site with that indexed page on that the site will not identify it so it shows page not found message and the site will not get the visitors so whenever you delete a post if it is indexed in the search engine then provide a redirecting link in the setting so that visitors will comes into other page without seeing the page not found message. So search engine preference settings has an important role in the search engine visibility of the site. All the best.

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