Living memories never dies

Good memories last forever sometimes even after the death also. Some situations are more memoriable than the daily routines. Friends, family and everyone are part of our life more than a relation they gave us more memoriable moments. Some schools days are even hard to forget enjoying with friends, facing problems, roaming outsides are some of the most unforgettable moments that offered in our teenage days. Some peoples are enjoyed in collecting memories through travellings and experiences. It is necessary for a person to slip away his daily routines that going on daily and going after a change which will make our mind more bold and help to learn more about life. Some memoriable days make very long months and years in our life it is not because that the time is slow the reason is we have scored many unforgettable memories in that particular month or in that year. Some memories are fun making and make us more valuable while some memories are very sad making and sometimes even we are wished to forget. Life is something one can't predict it doesn't have part and future it only have present. The past is stored as a memories while the future are unknown, the life is something like a radio which doesn't have rewind and forward button only has a playing button. Challenges are part of our life the success in every is when we make that challenge unforgettable living memory. The real passion about life is make every day more important than the earlier day.

Not every knowledge can make a person wise like that not every memories can make a person experienced. Only good and challengable memories can make it more valuable than other memories. Every man who born under the sun one day he/she need to face the death but some memories and unforgettable never dies in the heart of our friends and other personalities. Life is short do the best and make it more valuable. All the best .

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