How to build a forum posting website

Forum posting is now found to be an interesting activity in the online. Through forum threads one can ask his doubts and problems to others while others can solve it with their own ideas. Now forum posting is seen to be a good way to make some cash in online. Unlike blogging in forum the content and thread is less but more subjects are there, that will help the site to come in front of the search engine. Here is the way one can create a forum website.
* Buy a domain name, hosting and with includes web builder. Godaddy, webnode, gossimer are some of the best domain registering site with includes webmaster friendly web builder. Register the domain at 1 year charge or for more periods.
* First of all create a homepage, in the homepage provide maximum informations about the forums and the technical backgrounds of posting. A homepage need to contain at least 400 words so that the visitor will get a clear idea from the first view itself.
* Create member accessing page, usually most of the web builder has the settings and modes to create member accessing page and registeration for to join the forum. Remember the registeration forum need to be short if it is asking too many options the visitors will dislike to join the forum in the beginning.
* This is the main part of the website that is the forum, create the forum using the web builder. Set the setting of the forum for the participation of the audience as registered members. Add different categories for the threads to post on and also create the forum header as to view the profile picture and active participation of the member badge, it will surely encourage the members to participate in forum activities actively.
* If a forum site is not active the visitors will not come to participate for that it is better to make paid to posting forum. That is you have to pay the members for participating in the forum activity. Only take a % of the ad revenue you got from the forum. So that more members will come.
* Create Faq page for the members to know the way of posting and the earning criteria in which they have to focus, payment details etc. Provide the negative point also so that the members can be careful about the losing of their points and earning for the unwanted activities.

* Create contact page and also provide the webmaster username for contact details so that the members can contact you at anytime for their doubts and clarification regarding to your forum.
* Create terms of service and disclaimer on the footer of the site. This will help the members and visitors to know the rights that you have own from the forum service. And the after effects of the violation of the forum service etc.
There are many parts you have to be careful when you create forum website like payment modes, protection spam activities etc. This are only this which will help you to create the forum website. All the best.

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