Things to watchout when using Facebook apps

There are many things we need to care when we use an application in Facebook. Because for to run a Facebook application we are giving some rights to the app to access. In most cases users don’t give much time for reading the permissions that app requires. The permission also has the right to make post behalf of you. Some applications are build for connecting Facebook account with websites and some will post behalf of you, create album, create funny photos etc. Many apps are just building for spam purposes. I found a Facebook application which tells valentine mate of user using the friend list of the users. The worst part of this app is that it posts photo by the name of the user in the entire group in which he/she is a member. It is not easy for a user to remove all the posts that posted behalf of him/her in the groups. Just ignoring permission in the app requires is the reason behind this trap that is giving permission to the app to post behalf of the user. So it’s very important that one should have to read all the necessary details before accepting a Facebook application.Just give permission to the apps that you trust. When accepting an application it can even access to the friend list, email address etc of the users even though the user set the privacy as only me. So accepting a not trusted application will cost you big loss. If you feel that you jumped into a trap of Facebook application simply remove the application from the app list.

How to remove Facebook application

1) Go to Settings
2) Click Apps--->Logged in with Facebook
3) Select an app
4) Click Remove app which is present bottom.
You can also see the app permission above the remove button. When you login with the help of a Facebook application your privacy is under question unless it is trusted application. Some Facebook applications are very helpful to do some activities quickly or making some funny photos behalf of us etc but need to check that is there is any bad intention is there behind the application or not. Nowadays spamming with Facebook application is increasing day by day as a result of it more victims are falling into the trap. So need to be careful next when you give permission to a Facebook application.

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