Enable mobile template for better seo

The success of a blog or website is its visitors so it's the responsibility of the blogger to develop a good platform which is comfortable for the readers to read on there devices. Desktop template will not help the readers to comfortably read contents on there phones for that mobile template is necessary. Having both desktop and mobile template for a blog or website is now marked as a seo measure. On the resend update Google give more importance to sites having mobile friendly. Another spectacular feature of mobile view is it reduces loading time and size of the pages. About 80% of the web traffic are from mobile phones than desktop so making requirement arrangements for the visitors for to access contents is an important thing. Search engine give more preference to websites with mobile template to the audience when the search occurs from mobiles.  In blogger it's very easy very to setup mobile template, Just goto template tab and you will see the mobile customise option. In other blogging platforms also things are like this there is no need web coding is necessary just need to enable and customize it. As sites mobile friendliness is now considered as a seo factor enabling mobile template is now marked as necessary step by many of the seo stats checking tools.

So having mobile view will increase seo scores and also increase rank in the blog directories depending on blog seo which is also sometimes helps in getting visitors. Even though it's not a good idea but many sites just use lite template or mobile template the advantages of this is it will reduce loading time and has less page size. The demerit is just poor in graphics and not much attractive for to satisfy visitors. Bloggers need to think about the visitors who came to our site for reading contents and so need to make blog good for reading and make an impression in the mind of the visitors to bookmark for future reference. So having mobile site alone is also a not preferable thing but having both desktop and mobile site will led to increase traffic as well as seo score.


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  3. SEO is very important for blogs. It is now very important when google update mobile responsiveness as seo.

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