Tips to develop youtube videos easily

It is very easy to get an adsense account for YouTube partner than content writers but the most challenging task is to make videos as we need to focus in copyright and various things. Any violation on this will lead to the banning of Google adsense account for ever. If you don’t know how to join on YouTube partner program then read one of my article How to join in YouTube Partner Program . Here I will show you 2 PC applications which help you in developing small videos without capturing anything with your camera.
Camstudio: - A very good software which help you in developing videos by capturing the screenshots of your computer. Just press the record whatever you do in your PC will automatically recorded as a video. His software will help you in developing computer tutorial videos. I suggest this software for those who have interest in developing computer related videos by recording the desktop shots. You can record your sound by using mic. You can change clarity of the capturing videos with this software.
Zu3d: - Another software which will help you in developing small cartoon videos for fun. This is not a kind of tool for advance cartoon creation but for small videos. You can develop many screen shots and with the help of this software it will run as a video. It’s very easy to create videos than other 3D cartoon making software. It’s very easy to learn and it is not necessary that you need to aware about cartoon creating or graphics. This software will not help you in creating long videos as it is very difficult but for small videos it’s very easy. This two are only my suggestions, it is very easy to build videos and can upload it into the YouTube with the help of this tools. Just like this tools there are many tools which help you in developing videos without capturing with your camera. All the best.


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