Importance of Internal links

Internal links means the links that we use in the website or blog which is pointed to one of the post of that blog itself. Internal links are also a seo factor which helps to make the readers to stay in the blog and showing them another post related to the post that they currently read. Usually, with the help of internal links many seo experts’ increases their page views more even make a good traffic with low unique visitors. Just imagine if 100 visitors stayed in the blog by reading other posts on the blog, an average of 3 posts then itself the blog makes 300 page views with 100 readers. Another helpful thing is that blogger can put forward the old posts with the help of internal links. Generally most of the older posts having not much traffic at the time of blog starting so this will be good practice for that. External links are opposite to internal links which means the blog post is pointing a post or a website which is outside of the blog or the website. This is actually not good for the site because it is making the visitors to get out of the site or blog.
Multiplying the number of page views or making the visitors to stay on the blog or website by driving them into other articles is highly preferred way of increasing the page views by most of the blog experts. Making keyword related articles and making them connected to each other through internal links. One of my previous articles, Importance of HTML tags in blogging, is a very useful for you to learn about how to highlight the keyword for seo measurement, and how to build the internal link for the articles. There are many things are also which is necessary for the bloggers to be careful while creating the internal link and keyword highlighting. Following the seo measurements will help to boost the blog traffic highly. Share information to your audience with the help of blog and also be careful in make them stay on your site. All the best.

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