Importance of HTML tags in blogging

Simply writing an article and posting it in the blog will not make that article a perfect, even if it contains lots of information’s. Every bloggers wishes to get good search engine visibility in their articles, for that simple posting will not be help us. In here the importance of HTML tags came up. Some of the HTML tags have the ability to increase the search engine visibility. We all know that when we type something in the Google and search, we get lots of result. In the results some words are in bold, that are the word that we searched. Do you know why it is? Search engine check for the words that we provided through every sites and provide the best seo visible result. Search engine looks for the best seo visible page corresponding to the search words, you can help search engine to pick your articles.

For that we need to use HTML bold tag. At the time preparing an article the writer need to look for the best keywords to place in the article that which phrase will be the most people like to search by connecting to the article. Such phrases need to be in bold so that there will be more chance of getting the result in top of the result than the simple style words. Some bloggers checks Google trends or other trend keyword providing sites and create the content. In this case they bold the most using keywords in the article. But don’t think that making the whole article bolded will help the writer to get more visitors it is wrong and the search engines only marks that results as keyword spamming. So one to three keyword phrase is enough for an article. H2 tag can be used for Subtitles it also makes the article seo visible. Another useful HTML tag in the case of blogging href (Hyper refer link). Search engine also like to find href tagged words also but most of the writers are unaware about it and they use href words as ‘click here’ or ‘check out here’. I suggest instead of giving these kinds of words the writer need to give the actual word. For e.g: If you want to make a click able link to Wikipedia page about Albert Einstein, then you can provide the keyword as ‘Albert Einstein’ instead for click here or other phrases. So when create a content you should have to highlight the keywords with the help of HTML tags. Make use of the HTML tags in proper places. But be careful as said above making all the content as bolded or tagged it may result in making the article down in search engine result. All the best.

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