How to get start with programming

Programming is something that gives both fun and makes our career safe. Program is a set of instruction that we give to the computer to perform something or it is just a medium to talk to the computer. To become a programmer there are many things to watch out learning a program language never makes a person a professional programmer. Before writing a program he or she needs to understand how that program works or run on the system. A programmer need to know the working of software’s as well as hardware.

Languages to start:

I suggest C or C++ to start programming. According to me C++ is the best. It is not easy to get start into programming by a sudden by picking up the languages like Java, Visual Basic. First, understand how programs works, C++ is easy to learn so picking this language will help you to get start into programming. Python is also a good language to get start. Web design languages are another category which is for creating web designs, websites, widgets etc. HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS etc. among them I suggest HTML because it is very easy and other web languages are connected to it.

Learn protocols and network:

You need to know what are protocols and networks. Some of the protocols are FTP, HTTP etc. Protocols are the address of where we want to share a file for e.g.: ftp means file transfer protocol which used for transferring files and HTTP means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol; it is based on the internet. Networks connect system with another system. Some of the networks are LAN, WAN, MAN etc. For e.g.: LAN means Local Area Network as per the name this network connects an area’s systems only. There are many things to learn about protocols and networks.

Learn how to create a project:

Create your own ideas through programs. I you have wish to create a software on your own then I will suggest you to create a program first based on it then start make it into a software. Programs makes your works simple so just learning the basics of a program language never makes you a professional programmers for that you have to learn the language very well and have to present it beautifully. Internet is not a great platform for anyone to present their works and share their ideas to the world so make use of it. Logic is the thing that every programmer need so develop your skills through maths and brain games. You can check one of my article for how to create a logical mind. All the best.

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