Develop JavaScript widget and share through website

Creating a personal website is a very easy thing. Some peoples believe that website is for posting contents or for social interactions only but it is not. There are many way a person can turn his website for different activities. In the case of blogging one need to spend more times in front of the computer to prepare articles and posting it but do you know that one can do blogging without posting contents? JavaScript widgets are a very useful thing on this case. Learning JavaScript is very easy. If a person knows JavaScript language then he or she can develop their own widgets with HTML and JavaScript, and can publish it in their website. People love to check about online tools. So creating online tools with JavaScript & HTML will really help to successful in blogging. Some of the big hitting JavaScript projects are photo editors, plagiarism tools, word counter, backlink creator etc.

Mostly bloggers love to check blogging tools for making their works good and useful. Like blogging the developer can put their ads on the website and can make money whenever advertising activity runs. When running a web design project the developer need to remember that the site is not search engine friendly because of not having contents, for that developer need to use strong and useful meta description and tags. Providing a good description about the project in the website also gets the search engine to give importance. Building backlinks, creating social network fan page will also help the site to get good number of visitors. Never think that you can make big money with basic projects. Learn JavaScript very well and starting advanced projects is recommended but of course there are many basic JavaScript project sites are also making some money. And there are many widget sites which have good PageRank’s on Google search engine. So there is no need to worry that starting a website and hosting HTML and JavaScript our own widget will be a failure. Just go straight and find what people like and what I can do with web design language for that. Create your own ideas and share it. I suggest creating a multi widget providing site rather than a single widget providing site. Because this help your site to get update whenever you add new project on your site. Pick a good ad network and turn on your project and make money. All the best.

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