Advantages of browser extension developing

Creating browser extensions are a good way to express our JavaScript widgets ideas. And there are many developers who just only concentrate on creating browsing extensions. The main advantage of this is one can sell or give extensions freely with connected to ads. This will help the developer to get paid for their works. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc. Extensions are nothing but some widgets to make the browsing experience better. There are many useful extensions for the users to make their browser better to use. Another advantage with extensions is we don't need to buy domain names and looks for seo measures to make some earning with JavaScript/HTML codes. Just create the widget as we create as a web page and separate the html and JavaScript files. And present the extension with the required files. And also we can accept more users by comparing to the traffic that we get if we use the widget code for creating a website in this way the extensions are very helpful for the developers. Some developers interested in selling extension to the users for little amount. But can’t expect good earnings with extension sales but of course there are many extension sales are going on, especially in Google chrome because Google allows the developers to give the extensions to the users for trial use after that they can ask for paying. Anyone who having the knowledge in HTML/JavaScript can build their own extensions or widgets and can sale it or give it to the users for free with ads. In this way developers can make some good earnings. Some extensions make more than lakhs of users because of its extra specialities.

The key is to make the widget according to the need or like of users. Developing widgets is not only the thing needed but need to promote it for those social networks are very useful. And looks like many freelancing web designers turned into creating extensions than spending time in creating web designs according to the clients. When comparing to the web design works and extension developing, the easiest thing is developing extension because for freelance web designs it is not guarantee that our designs may like it or not to the client even though the price is good. I suggest web designers to try extension developing and promote it because it will help in earning more than you can do with web designs, it is all about competitions. So extension developing is the best thing for those who don’t have experience in web designing’s. All the best.


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