How to start a personal Software company

Software developers have plenty of option for making money through internet. Even they can start their own company through online. Many of them don’t have an idea how to get into a start but it is very easy if you have some money to spend. Even a person having 100$ can start their own private company. Here it is.

1) Develop your own software’s:

Developers have their own ideas. If you are a developer then you have your own ideas about new software project. Develop your software’s with the ideas. It is good if you develop quality, useful, unique software’s on your own. Need to understand what people likes most, create according to it.

2) Create a website:

Buy a domain name, host etc. And make a good website. This is the platform where you are going to start your own software business. So make the necessary arrangement for your customers to meet the application. Upload the software into your server. Provide thee link to download on your website and description.

3) Choose trial or freeware:

it is very important that you have to come into a decision that whether you are going to provide the software for free or paid. If you have a plan to sell software’s then it is better if you provide a trial version (7 days, 15 days, 30 days etc.). 30 days or above trail version is recommended because otherwise the people will not come to test it. If you are going to provide the software for free then you can add ads on the software. There are many ad networks are there which pay cash for providing ads. If your software need internet connection then making money through ads is better.

4) Create payment option:

If the software’s are for selling then provide payment option to buy. PayPal, Visa, MasterCard etc. are the most recommended payment options. You have to provide the facility for the customers to use the payment mode easily and safely.

5) Promote with social networks:

Social networks are a good platform to increase the sales or downloads. You can build a strong Facebook fan page with Facebook ads. You can use other social networks also for finding customers. More fans means there are more chance to get customers or download.

6) Promote with ads:

You can use AdSense like ad networks for advertising online. Ads are a good way to get customers or download. Average amount per click is 0.03 to 0.13 depending upon the geographical traffic.
This is a simple way of starting your own software company. All the best.


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