Logic behind short story writing

Peoples loved to hear stories it is because humans are social animals and always interested to hear about something other than them. Some people loved to hear stories while others like to write. A good story is said to be when it presented with complete and good imagination of the writer with good sense. The good presentation of a short story will create more impression in the eyes of the reader in which there the real success of the writer came from. Shorts stories need to contain a good thought and have some spicy incidents related to it. A story requires a good introduction as well a good conclusion so that the readers will get a complete idea about the story , the content is need to be presented with complete sense which is made with the readers heart catching. Some writers used to make short stories based on some incidents that occured in their life, many short stories were arised from the experience of the writer. The attractivity of a story is completely based on the talent and skills of the writer. Some writers add some logic behind the stories that is they give some hints to the readers to find the end of a problem in the story. Some were made with simple understanding with simple incidents mostly people like to hear about supernatural stories than simple. But the presentation of a simple story is good then it will make more attractivity to the readers than the supernatural things. Some stories generally misses story because of supernatural and other kind of imagination. If there is not a complete meaning in the story then it is just like a disposible thing which is used once and throw it after that.

But if a story contains only natural things and works but have a good content then it will become more hitted than the supernatural stories. However when writing a short story or a long story it need to have the ability to catch the mind of the reader along with the story. The reader need to imagine the things that we specified in the story that is if we give an idea about a village when reading the story the reader need to make an imagination in their mind about the village with the specifics that we given. Like that when we introduce a person in a story we need to give a complete information about that guy that is the character and behaviour by adding some details as hint in the mid of the story. This were the main logic behinds a short story. All the best.

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