How to apply the entrance exam online

The application for appearing entrance exam were opened for the candidates. Those who interested to go for engineering or medical can participate on this engineering examination. For students who willing to go to engineering, the entrance exam is JEE main and for the students who looking for medical field can participate in AIPMT entrance examination. On this year onwards there will not be any NEET examination so those who wishing to write the medical examination can write AIPMT instead for NEET. The website that for registering engineering exam is JEE main exam and for medical exam is AIPMT entrance exam .

How to apply

The process for applying the entrance exam is given in step by step in the following.
1) Take a white background passport size photo containing name and date of taken, from the studio( from the cafe also) itself you can scan your signature and stored both in a CD.
2) Go to the website in which you wanted to apply. I provided the websites above in a clickable link. Be sure that the computer you are using has a printer if it doesn't then it is better if you goto a computer cafe. Register all the information in the application which is in the website.
3) After completing you were asked to settle the payment. You can use ATM card or can access Canara Bank for payment transfer. For bank, you will get a three same sized form in which that you have to print. It is very important that you will not miss this form because it contain the account number.
4) Fill all the three form( amount, amount in words, signature). After completing you can access the Canara bank for making payment.
5) After it you need to come back to the website and confirm the payment step. After that you will get another form to take a print you should have to take the copy of that also.
6) After that put your left hand thumb print in the asking place, put your signature, parents signature and fill other details. You will also get another slip in the next step which contains your address and the address to post, take the copy of that also.
7) Buy a 12*10 cm size envelope and put the filled form without folding, under it put the transaction form that is in which you used for payment transfer. Cut and separate the candidate copy and put the CBSE only copy in the envelop. Paste the slip in the above of the envelope for to provide the address.
8) Post it either as a speed post or as a registered post. Thats all.

Payment Information

For both the entrance exam the fee is 1000 Rs. That is for the candidates who applied the exam before 30/12/2013. After that payment will be 2000 Rs. The last day for all the end of application will be 30/1/2014. One should have to complete all the step as quick as possible. Later all the information regarding the center and the examination date will be announced using the contact information that you provided. Be careful when filling all the information any mistake will affect you in future for participating the exam. All the best.

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