How I got pagerank for my site

Getting a pagerank is sometimes a dream for most of the bloggers. When I started this blog my aim is to get a pagerank to this blog. After a long time of hardwork a finally managed to get a google pagerank 1/10 . I would like to explain the way I got it. From the beginning onwards I searched in the search engines about the way pagerank depends. I finally came to know that pagerank is something that is a sign of trusted site. So what I did is I started to post daily without missing a day, regularly I posted article atleast 1 in a day. By step by step I came to know with the increase content in my blog, my blog traffic and alexa rank are began to get higher. That give more confidence I learned SEO and applied most of the techniques in my blog. All my works were gone in a manner of success. But only thing that I found not increasing is my earning. Even though my traffic is increasing gradually it didn't goes in a rapid process. In somedays, my traffic goes very down and that day is something that irritating me. For that, I had done many thing but didn't worked out then finally I came to know that backlinks are the thing which is responsible for getting pagerank and with that one can drive to their site. With this aim I started to create backlinks, one thing that I carefulled with creating backlink is I only picked up the high pageranked sites for creating backlinks. And also I carefully managed only to create 2 to 5 backlinks a day because if a person create backlinks without a limit then it will surely effect to get into the list of spam site. So I only created backlinks with a limit. I got many backlinks from highly pageranked sites having a pagerank more than 4/10. This helped me to get some more traffic than the usual traffic. But due to lack of time I slowly stop doing blogging. But after some months when I came back to my site and checked the seo stats.

I surprised to see that the blog got a pagerank. But my alexarank came to down because of low traffic because I didn't updated my site for a long time. From my experience I would like to tell that writing more content and creating quality backlinks were the key of getting huge traffic and pagerank. Now my focus is to increase pagerank and my traffic. Blogging will help you to learn more things so never stop blogging. All the best.

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