Biodiversity conservation and its importance

Nature is a gift of god so it is our responsibility to protect that gift and use it for good purposes. But the greed of man misusing it for their satisfaction. We need to think about others also especially to the coming generation. Now itself many thousands of variety species were already extincted from the earth and also many were facing endangering. We need to use the bio resources for our needs but not for our greeds. In the last 2 decades onwards their missed lots of varieties species which including highly medicinal plants and many animals.

How to conserve biodiversity

Planting trees is one of the most prefering step and easiest thing that a person can do for the conservation. We know that because of the coming high building and industries, many forests were destroyed and some of them resulted into deserts. If we cut a plant or tree for a need then we should have to plant 2 of them for it. Deforestation resulted in the change climatic conditions and other atmosphere problems. Many medicinal plants which is seen rarely were extincted from the earth because of the misuse so plant as much as possible. Awareness program is another which is practiced by government of India and several countries. Upto a part these program helped a lot to teach the importance of biodiversity to the illiterate peoples. Another thing is we need to stop the practice of cutting of plants for unwanted purposes. Creating a small gardens will be a great thing which is good for our life and for our needs.

Importance of biodiversity

If we don't care about the importance of biodiversity then we are making ourself into the edge of danger. In an ecosystem, every organisms depends on another organism for food if any kind of damage to one of the organism in a ecosystem will effect all the organism on that ecosystem. If it is plants then the result will be very dangerous because plants were the primary food material for a food chain. So it is very if one goes on danger then all will be get into danger. Just like the organism for humans also this will create big problem. We already know that population exploitation creating a big problem in the availability of the food we mainly depend on plants for food in other way we depends some animals for meat. If the food availability goes down because of lack of bio resources that is plants then it will surely effect us. This were the importance of biodiversity. We need to use the bio resources for our offer but not misuse it for our greeds. All the best.

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