God of cricket retiring from the crease

Sachin Tendulkar, one of the greatest cricket that the world ever seen was going to retire. He is the reason behind the inspiration of thousands of cricket players who playing cricket on domestic, club, country all over on the world. The legendary hero has successfully starts his career in domestic cricket at the age of 15 soon after he got the selection in senior team. Some of his records that made by him was unbeatable. Sachin is not only a cricket but he is something more than that in his last 24 years of his career. He proved everything that he have. After his 200th test match his fans miss him alot. Sachin's 199th test was going on now, he was good in his playing so that hope that he will get a milestone. All his records shows that Sachin never plays for him but for his team and country. After the retirement of the legendary batsman from the test it is hard to find a replacement for the team as concerned with his experience and talent. Sachin has already smashed hundreds of records which is even think as an impossible to break. He is the only player to score 100 international centuries and highest scorer of both test and one day cricket. He has spended all his life for his team and country for making India into the no 1 spot of the world cricket. His cover drives, straight drive, leg glance where some of the shots that never a cricket player can forget. The last match of Sachin is going to take place in Wankede Stadium, Mumbai and 199th is now going on the Eden Garden, Kolkata.

The fans where flowing to the stadium to see the god of cricket at the crease for the last time. If Sachin plays a drive then his full focus is to make that drive perfect. It is not at all easy to compare other cricketers with Sachin because there is no one in the world can replace him. His timing on the ball and body balance where the remarkable thing behind the success of each shot that played by him. There was a calculation that may Virat Kohli will be the perfect one for Sachin's. There are millions of people who take cricket as there religion and make Sachin as there god. Sachin will live in the hearts of millions of cricket fans even after his retirement. All the best.

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