Facebook bug bounty program

Facebook is one of the greatest social network that was got as a gift to the IT world. But this social networks has many security problems which may even reason to wild activities, misusing, hacking etc. In order to avoid this problem facebook has successfully developed a new program that is big bunty program. Usually hackers and other programmers develop different hacking techniques and security issues for other purposes from that they will get other advantages and with that they share with other which may reason in creating certain problems. For to avoid this and solving security problems big bunty has raised by the facebook team. With this program, anyone can report a security bug to the facebook team which may reason in hacking and other activity. After validating and solving that problem facebook give a reward to the informer. The lowest price money offered by the facebook team for participating and solving security problem is 500$ and there is no higher amount it is depend upon the security issue of the bug. This is a platform for the programmers or developers to share their ideas for getting rewards. With this program facebook has successfully reduced many security issues. Facebook also offers test accounts for testing the security issue that we found if only our tested problem work can sumbit the problem. Many online tools and softwarer where developed by different programmers to hack facebook passwords but this step from facebook team was created a big problem for them. And also many programmers and hackers soon turned to reveal their technique to the facebook team to get rewards. And many hackers were succesed in getting more than 10,000$ with the help of big bunty program.

Hacking and cracking is an art but it is important that one should not misuse it. This program help the hackers to get reward by sharing their discovered technique for to solve security problem. With the help of this reward program many hacking and other issues have been reduced in large amount. Revealing the techniques to the facebook team will not harm us but if we spread it to the world without any advantage then what is the use. If you have any security issues for submitting then follow this link Submit a report.All the best.

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