Drive vehicles carefully and avoid accidents

I was totally shocked when I watched news about some accident cases. In most cases the accidents are occuring due to the careless of the driver. We need to aware about ourselves so that only we can save ourselves. Racing attitude in the minds of the teenagers and youths were also a big reasons for most of the accidents. Vehicles are for travelling not for racing, yes racing is a talent but the way one should have to prove their talent is in the track not in the road. When we race in the road we are not caring the people who are walking or crossing the road or the vehicle which overtakes just simply racing will led to a big accidents. Some accidental deaths were fearful thing as that much the body was crushed by the vehicle. There is nothing to show with racing but with simple travelling has many things to show that is one will justify the man with the way he performs in the public if he is doing over smart then it is sure that people will rate it accordingly. In many cases, deaths were not the finishing line but the body damages where it ended.

We need to protect our body as like our soul and also need to case ourselves and our family. A good driver never try to drive in a position of risk but he drives in a way of going safely. Following the traffic rules were also an important thing for a good driver and his full concentration is on the vehicle and in the road. Travelling at a speed between 30kmh to 55kmh is the good part from a good driver, taking speed more than 60kmh will not be a great thing. Just racing for nothing is just like suiciding. Life is for living not for killing ourselves. If we kill anyone with our mistake by accident then how you give his life back? God knows everything we need to care ourselves so that God will protect us from the accidents. Take care and have a great life. All the best.

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