Ways to choose a topic for blog post

The most hardest thing in blogging is selecting a topic for writing a blog post. It is very easy to write the content but focusing on a keyword rich topic then it will be some tough. Even though we are experts in writing contents and aware of seo tricks but sometimes we may go on to out of idea. Actually a blog is like a diary in which we can write our personal things into it and show it to others. And also it is a place where we can share our ideas and thoughts. Firstly we need to aware that what our blog is really focusing on, then only we can make contents according to it. If your blog is focusing on promoting gadgets reviews then you have to focus on latest gadgets with the help of magazines or from websites. And also it is better if you collects some dozen of topics first and starts writing daily with one by one. My blog is a kind of place in which I promote all kind of informative contents including education, news, seo etc so that I refer topics from external medias according to my blog nature. Using Google trends, wordtracker, Google Adwords etc will help you to track trendy topics and high seo visible keywords in search engine. With the help of that you can prepare contents. Write contents like an exercise like I do atleast 1 content a day sometimes I skip 1 or 2 days but not always. When we exercise writing our mind will get rich of ideas about various things for eg: if my 1st day topic is about seo visibility and in the article it has somethings regarding to keywords. From that automatically I am getting a new topic for next day blog post that is about keywords. Like that our previous contents itself has some topics for choosing for next days blog post.

Writing contents like in a way of chapter wise will also help to go on a steadily track in writing article. Be careful when you choose a topic for writing whether it is seo friendly or not if it is not the article will not be big hitting in search engine aware about that also. Try to follow on new topics rather than stick old ideas and tricks because people wants new information than old ideas so focus on that also when you pick a topic. Connecting new content with previous article will help the audience to track on your blog like reading a novel. It is good if you write about your experience in this field atleast once in your blog to give an idea about the blogger. All the best.

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