Tips and suggestions to get an approved adsense account

Applying for a google adsense account is not at all a difficult task it is very easy as if the primary site which is used for applying adsense has the requirements to get it. In the google adsense policy it is telling about the requirements which is needed for approving a google adsense account. The following it is some of the tips to apply for your site to get google adsense.
* The primary site or blog you are applying for the adsense account need to have atleast an age of 6 months. It is because google wanted to know that the site is trusted or not that means it is a temporary site or permanent one. So the age of the site is an important factor for to get approved for adsense.
* The site needed to contain some post that is about 50 contents or more will be good. If the posts are big and informative then there is more chance to get approved. If your posts are seo friendly then it will also help you to get adsense. Anyway contents are the main factor in which google was looking importantly.
* The design of the site is an another factor which is also part of the google review. Google loves fast loading site so reduce the loading time of the site by taking away graphical rich images and video. If you are applying with a blog then it is good to use dynamic template or simple template both are seo friendly and google favourite. So note that also before applying.
* Don't put other third party ads in the site at the time of verification. Google allows the members to place other ads but it is good if you take away the other ads at the time of review. Google hate pop up ads so don't put any pop up banners in the site at the time of review it is sure that you will not get adsense account if any pop ads in it. So be careful in it also.
* The publisher need to have atleast 18 years old for applying adsense google will validate your age by some proofs or with gmail. So be careful about that also don't try to cheat google by giving fake birth date or wrong age if they found it then they will cancel your adsense account. Blogging is not a job but it is like something related to it so that your age is also an important factor.

* You will not get an approved adsense account in the first submition may be so don't keep up try to modify the site according to the requirements of the adsense policy. Don't play with the name of adsense in the site that is in the manner of anything like hurting adsense it is also affect you not to get adsense.
Generally this are some of the tips that I can suggest for you to get an approved google adsense account. Any requirements which is not at all meet the google adsense policy probably will be the reason behind your adsense accounts approving delay. All the best.


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