Some common mistakes when creating articles for blog

Mostly bloggers promoting contents not for sharing their ideas and thoughts but for focusing on earning strategies so that one thing that most of them forgot is the condition of the site to make it. Generally a content or an article need to contain atleast 600 words if the blogger is looking only for making money with his blog then he will only try upto about in 250 words which is very low for the maintainance of the seo of the site. Contents will easily if you have an interest in sharing ideas to everyone rather than focusing on earning only in most cases the depletion of most of the blog is due to this. If a blogger is able to produce articles in more than 1000 to 2000 words contents in a day for their site then it is sure that within a month the site will get more than 5000 visitors a day. When we check the seo background of many successful blogs we can easily find that articles are the one that made the site in top. It will be tough to write resources if you are focusing on the word limit so write the contents in the manner of sharing ideas so that the points and the words automatically come from you. Posting 3 articles in everyday with each containing about 300 words will also be a good choice to make the site seo rich. If you are not able to produce 600 word article in a day then atleast write the content in 400 words which is also enough for the maintainance of the seo. More contents means more chance to generate a high flow of visitors so that never focusing on the earning that you get from blogging just focus on the ways you can share ideas. If an article is lack in keyword rich then it is not a big problem if the article contain more informations.

Posting articles in the blog daily will be the good option to help the blog healthy. If you are not able to produce contents daily then add some of your friends as author for the blog so that blogging will be smooth if friends act as partners. Posting articles in a time table ways is also a best idea to make posting daily. It is nothing difficulty to find subjects just go with your own ideas that you got from day to day life. The main thing that you should careful is don't do blogging for earning it is just only a part of it but the main part is publishing contents, so focus on that will help you to generate more visitors as well as more earnings. All the best.

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