Psychic power is true or not?

Psychic power is an internal energy in which one can move or control a thing according to their will with the power of their mind. Science also telling there is a psychic power acting on everyones mind but only few of them are visualising and practising it. Many magicians are using their psychic power to amaze the audience, not all magic has tricks but some are done with internal mind power. Our focus and the sharpness of our mind is behind the psychic power for eg: if a magician is moving a ball on a plane surface without touching it or without the use of any substance but only with his focus is an example of psychic power. Actually our mind is control it to move, psychic power is formed in two ways that is from birth itself or from acquired by Yoga and mind practices. It is good if a person achieve psychic power but the real fact is even though many of them has this internal energy but only few of them are successed in controlling their mind in appropriate way. It is not a thing that people will believe in psychic power because in theoritically it is not easy to believe that one can move thing with the power of his mind without touching it and with only focusing on it but practically it is proved by many of them. Psychic is talent if a person have psychic power then he can perform magic shows very easily like that if a person has real focus can became a cricket player. This is what the secret behind most of the magic shows which is includes mind reading, moving things etc commonly it doesn't have any trick behind it is the psychic power. Psychic power require real concentrate with correct focus with an imagination about the movement of the object.

Ofcourse there are many magicians who are misusing the psychic power with dirty tricks sometimes this is the main reason why most of the people are not believe in psychic power. Now also it is still a hard question is that psychic power is true or not? Many scientists also have done many research in this topic and concluded that it is true but now also it is a hard thing to believe that there is an internal energy which can move things with the power of mind. But with some hard mind I also believe that there is psychic power in everyones mind that is the reason some of our nightmare dream where coming into true or into reality and also some of our thoughts becoming into reality. All the best.

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