Onam: The festival of flowers

Onam is a special festival which is more over conducted as a celebration. Onam festival is the festival of Kerala because according to the traditional and culture of kerala it is celebrated as malayalee's favourite festival. This festival is celebrated for the rememberance of Mahabali who was once ruled in the history. The story and history of Mahabali is tooked from Hindu mythology. But this festival is not only the festival of a single religious it is the festival of a state moreover it is a festival of a malayalee. It is very nice to see an onam celebration as it contains many food dishes of different varieties and the most important part of onam is the art of 'Athapokalam' which makes the onam called as the festival of flowers. That is making an art in the earth surface with decoration with flowers. This festival has more meaningful than a general celebration as it contains complete entertainment with traditional and cultural system of Kerala. There are many specialities behind the onam celebration as it is known as the festival of a citizens in which without having any discrimination on the basis of religion. Generally arts clubs and other sports clubs has a big role in the celebration of onam. They celebrate this festival with varies arts like singing onam songs, onam skit and other cultural programs which makes this festival a variety from other celebrations. Onam Sathya is another part of this festival that is a lunch with varieties of currys which is prepared according to the traditional culture of kerala. Comparing with modern foods this traditional food has a special taste the reason is it is the taste of histories.

Every celebrations are more valuable for everyone like that this festival is also a special one. Every malayalee has proud to celebrate this festival it is nothing because it is the rewind of a generation that was passed away which was rich in culture. So I proudly wishing all the Smart Posts reader who are being part of blogging a very happy onam. All the best.

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