Make your world with good imagination

Once world famous scientist Albert Einstein said that- Imagination is better than gaining knowledge. It is very true that it is better to imagine about a thing rather than focus on learning more about that thing. When we imagine about a thing we are learning more about that thing from our own experience and thoughts so practically we are getting more idea about the thing than from the books. For writing a story, poem, content etc required good imaginating skill from the writer so that only the audience may get entertained according to the feelings in it. On the case of learning also it is like that it is better if we learn a thing by enjoying its subject and making our own ideas make more understanding about it. Behind most of the discoveries and inventions that took place in the world is due to the imagination and idea that took from it. When we imagine about a thing our all mind and body are concentrate on that thing itself so that new ideas may discover because of the hard strain of the mind. Our mind is the greatest detective in our body, we need to use our mind to discover new ideas about various things. Sometimes this ideas may develops into discoveries or to inventions. Believe that nothing in the world is impossible and also we can imagine anything that we want according to our will.

So make your extraordinary characters or ideas with your mind. Like imagination dreams also has a big role in the discoveries, dreaming is like a theatre in which we can watch a movie without paying anything. Imagine about your future will help you to setup a bright future, Once Dr. Abdul Kalam said that 'Dream your future' this message is especially for the students to setup a bright future. Good thoughts and imagination with faith can help you to get successed in any profession that you are in so make everything good with good thoughts. All the best.

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