In the beginning of my blogging

I had posted many articles in my blogs, everyday I post atleast 1 content so that my blog will be updated daily. Here I am not going to write a content just only sharing experience and problems that I faced in my blog. In the beginning times, even though I am posting contents daily, my traffic is very low that is just only an average of 40 visitors daily which is not a big number. But what I found from the search engine is my blog is top on many keywords but failed to bring visitors. I have tried many techniques and measure to solve this problem but nothing worked for me. In the beginning most of the visitors are coming from google but later on I found that traffic source is showing my blogs url itself as the traffic source of my I wondered why it is happening because I am not visiting my blog only at once or twice a day and also I have disabled the counting of my own pageviews so my visits are not counted by my statistic. I don't find any solution for this matter now also. But I found some solutions for my other problem which is the reasons for the low traffic, my blog doesn't have a meta description and meta tags, after reading many article from other websites about this I had tried the meta description now I found it is the best thing in my blog. Later I have founded the reason why my blog posts are not coming in front of the search engine the reason I founded is my enabled robot.txt which created many problems in my blog. I have disabled it with that onwards the search engine began to pick my posts in front of the search results. All this problems are faced in the beginning of my blogging now I am aware about seo and its varies method and my blog's alexa rank began to increase in a very large scale than before. In the beginning of my blogging I found some difficulty in creating article after finding a subject I hardly write it in only in about 250 words now I found writing contents as the easiest thing, now I write article in everyday which is having more than 400 words. And also I choosed trendy keywords for my article subjects now what I learned from posting articles is contents are the key of a site so make it quality for the visitors.

Mostly searchers are looking for the solutions of their problems so how to, tips and tricks posts have a great impact in bringing traffic into a site. Never a person can do blogging as a part time job because it never be an easy thing if the blogger doesn't have time to spend in writing contents. From my 2 years of blogging experience from many of my other blogs and with this blog, the things are changed a lot. Now I am able to get good number of visitors and good response from my readers. All the best.

Please provide your experience in the comment box so that we can share it and can find a solution for the blogging problems.

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