How to protect facebook account from being hacked

Last week one of my friend told me that a guy has warned him that his account will be hacked soon. When I am in online my friend ask me about some anti hack to protect his facebook account. I share some of it and now here I would like to share it with you, generally all this are common to everyone anyway I am sharing this sometimes it may help anyone.

*Add a strong password-:

The security of your account is on your hand you have to make a hard password. What my suggestion is password having more than 10 character will be the best and also for the password containing characters like _ , ., - etc will trick the hackers to hack with your informations and with loop programming softwares.

*Be touch with Gmail-:

Not only with facebook sometimes hackers hack the gmail first and then with that facebook because it is very easy to hack gmail and if Gmail is in the hands then how much it is easier to hack facebook with forgot my password. So keep always a touch with Gmail because all the information regarding your facebook notification are also coming on Gmail which includes the changing password.

*Add trusted friends only-:

This is the one that all the facebook users need to aware now hackers found an easy way to hack facebook that is create 3 fake account and add the victim as friend in the 3 accounts. And with 'forgot my password' uses '3 friends account for retrieving password' with 3 fake account. So one should have to be careful about this hackers latest favourite technique.

*Don't connect with unwanted facebook apps-:

Most of the phishing activities are done with in the name of facebook apps and other connecting activity. Phishing means creating a fake login page of facebook ( not only for facebook but for any social media) and in the name of some apps or activity the hacker contact the victim to join on this connections or to the game or any entertainment activity with log on with facebook username and password. The victim will surely believe as the login page is exactly as the facebook login but the truth is that is fake if the victim enter his/her email id and password and log on then it is very sure that the username and password will be saved in a server that is control by the hacker. So be always sure about the apps that you are connecting with facebook.

*Set your privacy and security in strong-:

That is make your privacy setting according to the safety of your facebook account which includes enable and disable of email notification, subscribing facebook with mobile sms etc and also set that to only your friends can write on your timeline etc. If your privacy and security settings are strong your account is half protected from being hacked.
This are only few of tips that I can suggest you to protect your facebook account. Give your suggestion and doubts in the comment box regarding it. All the best.

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