How to prepare a cup of tea- simple tutorial

Tea is an energy drink which creates a active mood in our body. A tea will make confidence in our mind and as well as make our body healthy for doing several activities. Having a morning tea and an evening tea is very good to our health, mostly Indians are aware about preparing a tea because they are having it 2 or 4 times a day. Here is just only a simple tutorial for to teach how to prepare a cup of tea easily for beginners.

Things needed-:

Milk, tea powder, water, sugar, bottler.

1) Heat the bottler-

First of all heat the bottler for preparing tea along with water. Make sure that right temperature that you are given to heat the bottle. There is no need to spend more time in front of the heating bottler after adding the water into the bottler and start heating itself goto step 2.

2) Add ingredients-

That is milk, tea powder, sugar. Here we are going to prepare a cup of tea so half cup of milk is enough, add 1 glass of water for to mix the milk with water. Now add the tea powder 1 or half tea spoon is necessary. Adding more tea powder means tea is strong and less means light tea.

3) Boil the tea-

After adding the ingredients you can see that now the tea is getting its brownish colour now just wait sometime for boiling the ingredients to make tea in 1 or 2 minutes itself you can see that the tea in the bottler began to rise which means that your tea is successfully prepared.

4) Serve it-

Now serve the tea in a cup and have some fun in front of a movie or enjoy your tea with your favourite activity.

Cooking is not a hard thing it is always an interesting things. It is very simple and easy thing if you have interest in cooking. The basic step for getting start with cooking is preparing a tea. From the above steps you can see that it is very easy to prepare a tea. Cooking for your own wish will make your heart satisfy which also result in making confidence and creating health in your body. Just start with some tiny cooking items to get start. All the best.

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