How to add a keyword in a post

Traffic of a blog or site is not only depend upon the pagerank and the seo visibility of the site but also depends upon the keywords that used in the posts. Not every keywords are not popular but some where, for that before posting a content the webmaster or the blogger need to analyze the popularity of the keywords that is used in the content. It is not possible to pick up every keywords for analyzing its popularity so it is better to use a keyword analyzing tool like Wordtracker Before writing a content the writer need to aware that how much that topic is popular or interested for the online users. Sometimes we may think some words like marketing, backlinks, pagerank are some of the popular keywords in the search engine but it is totally wrong, yes of course there are many surfers are interested but not all you can find it on the wordtracker about the keyword popularity of this words. And another thing is when you create a title for your content you should have to careful to add keywords related title so that it can make more readers. In some of my blog posts title are made with the help of keyword popularity checking tools the effect that I got from it is it makes more than 200 readers in a week. Mostly search engine surfers are interested in how to, tips to, posts because visitors want latest tips and tricks about various things so it is good to find such contents. In the search engine what I noted is more than learning about the seo mastering peoples are interested to know the tips for losing weight, making food dishes so such topics will get good hits so look further on to select such contents. Not only the keyword can help you to reach the audience for your site for that you have to provide maximum information in the content so that only you will able to get more views to the content.

When you select a topic to write go on the all sides of it that is the advantage and disadvantage. People generally looking for latest news so going for such contents are also very useful for getting visitors to the site. The reason why the seo experts tell the bloggers to use popular keywords in the content is that let the blogger go on the likes of his audience. If you find difficulty to add keywords in a content then add it as a tag. And also careful for to add the tags for the appropriate content. All the best.

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