How to add a custom domain name in your blog

Mostly most of the bloggers starts blogging with a free blog and later on buy a custom domain. Owning a domain for their own blog is something that will really helpful in the development of the seo. Generally the age of a site is determined according to the date of domain registeration. Here is some steps which explain about how to add a custom domain for your blog.
1) Starts blogging-: This is the basic step that one should have to follow you can add a custom domain in the beginning itself but mostly it is seeing that people starts blogging with a free blog and improve its seo and makes some money and buy a custom domain. This is absolutely a wonderful idea for a beginner who don't have the money to buy a domain name.
2) Buy a domain- With your money you can register domain names for your site some of the best domain registering sites are godaddy, webnode, webs etc. Generally a domain name may cost 10$ for 1 year subscription. When you buy a domain you have to select a nice domain name for the site.
3) Add the custom domain- It is very easy to add a custom domain name in a blog as just goto the settings then select the basics in there you can see that add a custom domain name, in there add your custom domain name sometimes you may required to provide a verification, you can ask the domain registrar for that.
4) Develop the url- I am not sure with this step but even though I would like to explain it you need to provide a redirect link for your site as from your old url. I think the blog itself redirect automatically by identifying the blog url.
5) Build backlink- Now your new url is registered and it is working now it is your duty to build backlinks with your new backlink. It never means that your previous backlinks are destroyed what I meant is you have to do it for promoting the site.

6) Be active- Now your site is ready with new domain name, make your blogging experience better and better with the help of your new domain name. This domain name will help to get correct seo stats of your site through varies seo analyzers.
In this way you can add a custom domain name for your site. An owned domain name is something which is necessary for a website when combine the blog and domain name it will help you to get a different blogging experience. It is also helpful in the time for getting guest bloggers. All the best.

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