Ways to prepare seo friendly contents

When preparing a content for a site there are many things to watch out. Not every contents will help you to gain seo score, and also sometimes some contents will force your site to seduce seo score. Here is some of the important things to watch out when creating a content.
* Try to avoid copied contents from other sites. Because it will affect your seo especially the pagerank because google will looks the contents of the site to index a page so that when an index page is created based on the pagerank. And also the webmaster also be careful that is there contents are copied by others or not.
* Provide maximum information in the content that is need to be contain atleast 300 words. Google is recommending the bloggers to post a content in atleast 600 words for better seo.
* Provide headings in the post is also a part of seo. That is headings are also a thing in which google loves to show to their searchers. It also make the audience to read the contents fully than skipping it.
* Making labels or different pages for each categorized content has an important role in the increasing the number of indexed pages. Separating pages through labels will results in creating different indexed pages for the categories in the search engine. It is also a part of the seo.
* Adding some reference url is also a part of the seo development. That is if we give a reference tag about any of the wikipedia article which is related to our content, then whenever a person seeks in the search engine for that particular contents of the wikipedia url or some information related to it, there is an enough possibility to show your site in the search result.
* Adding images will also help you to get visitors from search engine, because google has web search as well as image search so that through images the visitors may came to your site.

* Suitable title is also part of the seo that is try to provide a title in more than 70 character. Searcher never search for an information in single word so that a title having 5 or 6 words will be good for the heading of the content.
This is some of the hot tips which will help you to gain more seo score. Sometimes you may aware with this informations but I considered that this will be useful to the beginners. All the best.

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