Some of the best paying PTP ad networks

There are many types of advertising forms are there CPC, CPM, CPV etc such an advertising ad form is the PTP. PTP stands for paid to promote, in this type of advertising the member can promote the ads through their sites, social medias, forum footer etc because it can be promoted either with iframe or with direct hyper link text keyword. Some of the best PTP ad networks are the following.
1) : This ad network is extremely good in ptp rates. It most of the time has a cpm rate of 0.50$ to 4$ depending upon the geo targetted traffic. Banner ads and promote link are the two advertising options. Paid-to-promote settle their payments to the publishers through paypal and webmoney and minimum payout amount is 5$.
2) Another paid to promote ad network which pay the members for promoting ads in a system of point base. In frameptp 1000 points= 0.50$ and every single point is given according to the geo target. Iframe and promote link are the two advertising modes. Payment modes in frameptp are paypal, payza, moneybookers, webmoney with minimum payout amount 1$.
3) This ad network is somewhat same as the frameptp. This ad network is also using the point system for paying members. The only way to promote ads in the proptp is using promote link. Here also 1000 points= 0.50$. This ad network has two payment options paypal and payza with minimum payout amount 1$.

4) This is also based on the point system in the frameptp and proptp. The earning criteria, payment modes and payout amounts are extremely same as the frameptp.
This are only few of the paid to promote ad network which allow the publishers to earn credits by promoting ads. This ad networks are good to use and for earning. All the best.

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