Some amazing facts about Amazon rain forest

Amazon rain forest, the world greatest biodiversity forest that the earth ever noted. This forest is located on the South America. Its ecosystem is rich in both plant and animals there are millions of species are situated without the knowledge of humans. The biologist are trying to collect maximum information about new species and also believed that there are many highly medicinal plant species are there which may help the man to survive long years. According to the amazon stats so far has noted there are more than 40 thousand plant species, 3 thousand of fish species, 1300 of bird varieties, about 427 species of different mammals, 427 species of amphibians and about 378 species of reptiles are noted so far by the biologist. And also there is a concept that about 125000 species of invertebrates and about 2 millions of insects are awaiting for discovery. Studies in amazon always provide an opening to the medical science. But most of the biologist are not willed to take such a risk, the reason behind it is more expensive and the safety reasons. Amazon rain forest contains different varieties of species which is not yet founded in the other sides of the earth. Poisones snakes and frogs are founded in the amazon rain forest and also along with that big spiders and other insects, reptiles are also noted from there. Rare species of plants which is highly exclusive to the medical science.

Many advanced medical plants are founded and used for researches by the biologist to find the wonders about it. So amazon rain forest is an amazing place which is waiting for more advanced species of the earth. Amazon rain forest is even suitable to ball as the 8th wonder of the world because of its amazing secrets and facts which is not common to the world. All the best.

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