Search engines searching tricks

As we all are familiar with search engines and you may know many of the search engines namely google, yahoo, bing etc. We use search engine for finding different things, searching for tips etc. There are many search engine tricks are also there for eg when we search our site url in the search engine it shows many unwanted list rather than the site page. The reason is when we search link only in the search engine it shows the first homepage results and follows are backlinks not the pages of the site. To find the pages of the site just type 'site:' for eg: site: this will show all the pages of the site. Thus one can see how many indexed pages are there for that site in the search engine. Another searching technique is if you want to find something with a keyword that is only from .edu site then type this way 'keyword' for eg: blogging with this you will get the information about the keyword only from .edu sites ,for gov and blog use the same way replace the .edu with .gov or or .net or .org etc. If you want to create backlinks from dofollow commenting sites then the simple way is 'keyword "Notify me of comments?" "Sumbit the word you see below:" ' for eg: blogging "Notify me of comments?" "Sumbit the word you see below:" . Just like this you can use many technique to load special pages for you without just surfing and wasting time for finding pages and keyword with domain.

Indexed pages has an important role in the development of a site so you will be able to get a touch with the updates and the increase indexed pages in the search engine with the above indexed pages tracking technique. Use this kind of smart ways for searching in the internet it will help you to consume your time as well as get more results in which you are looking for it. All the best.

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