Save earth by saving wild life

Nature is known as the boon of god. Because it contains biodiversity in which different types of species of plants and animal live together. But the craze for money has make the man to kill animals and birds for meat, skin, oil etc. As a result of it many of the plant, bird and animal species are extincted from the world and many of them are facing endanger. Once our earth contains different variety of species which is useful for both man and nature but due to the craze of the man take them to forget about the world. As a stats of IUCN which is widely known as International Union for Conservation of Nature has reported in 2004 that about 338 species of vertebraetes, 359 species of invertebraetes and about 87 species of plants, a total of 784 species are already extincted from the world within the last 500 years. India's national animal Tiger is also among the category of endangered species, once there is more number of tigers than lions in India so that the national animal recognization is given to the tiger from the name of lion. The number of lions in India showing a shameful thing for the national animal recognization there is only about 3000 tigers are in India. But there is possibility in the belive that there is somewhat increase in the population of tiger.

Not only on the case of tiger but also worlds largest mammal, elephant are also facing the same situation like the tiger. It is hard to belive that our natures best friends are vanishing from the earth. Once the Europe countries have many dudo birds but because of the craze of the man for the meat and their feathers soon the dudo bird was vanished from the earth like that many useful species for both human and nature was gone. The main reasons for the extinction of the species are killing for craze, destroying forests for buildings and woods, natural disasters etc took them to say good bye to the world. Even many of our favourite wild animals are now in the category of endangered, in order to save this earth and nature it is the responsibility of each and everyone in this earth that to protect our belongings to not to leave this earth. Many nature lovers are step forward to the protection of them. Remember nature are the gift of good, it is not for our craze but for our needs so never misuse them. All the best.

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