Make everything possible by saying I'm Possible

A word which is used in everyone's day to day life without understanding the clear meaning that is 'IMPOSSIBLE'. But there is nothing in the world is impossible it is either on the earth or nor on the universe. Sometimes some ideas or works are found to be hard we call it as an impossible but one way or another way that idea has an option to come into possibility. Impossible is not fact it is a desire so if anyone have an intention to make a hard thing into reality then they can because it is not a fact. Impossibility never last for permanentaly it is only in a temporary situation sometimes our mouth automatically speak out impossible when we see a hard situation. Ones all the sports lovers believed never a man can finish a 100m race in under 10 seconds then how it is happened? There is believe in cricket never person will able to take 100 international century but Sachin Tendulkar has made how it is happened? In medical science there are many disease which are under the question for its medicine, many of them are discovered how it is? . Like that there are many impossibilities are created by ourselves but the faith and hardwork of a person has created it into possibilities. The word impossible is already telling that nothing in the world is possible Impossible= Im+ Possible--> I'm Possible. This is what we are everything is possible with hardwork, the history is always telling it as a witness. Life is always a hard thing in which we always try to step backward when a hard thing came in front of us.

The very well thing is make the impossible into possible with anything that we have. Legends are already proved what they have, it is our duty to make our mind confidence to face any situation if it is hard or contains the world impossible. Step forward and face everything without any fear and make them possible. Even though I am telling this sometimes I also feels that impossible when facing a situation but step forward is the key, This message is also applicable for me also. Remember nothing in the world is impossible. All the best

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