India's Independence day has a story to tell

India, one of the world best agriculture producing country and well known for the traditional and cultural practices. According to the latest population calculation India has 121 crore of people. India has rich in cultivation of agriculture products and spices, which is something rarely found in other parts of the world. Once it created many problems for Indians in the history, because of the rich production of spices and pulses the British merchants came to India for business and collecting spices from Indians at low price and sale it for high prices . This businessing led to the Britishers to take control over India to make there transportation and collection of spices easily to their country. But soon there controlling take some hard things to the Indian, many of them became slaves and even faced death also. The freedom of the Indians are gone totally because of the controlling and powering of British soldiers. During the traditional times Indians has classified themeselves on the basis of the caste. So controlling of British and discrimination against lower class people make the lower caste people more pressure and freedomless. Due to the coming of British power, they make India some development by creating bridges, dams, provide education to all etc but on the other case they take all the monuments and traditional tressures as that time India is under the power of Kings. Some of the steps and actions of the British armies are according to the upper class peoples so the British power has mostly affected the lower class peoples of India. Many kings losted their kingdom because of their reactions against the British action, soon many of them stored their riches in temples and other sacred places as they beleive that their god will protect. Soon many country lovers put their step against the British controlling and the detectorship of the kings. Many of the patriots like Mahatma Gandhi, Subash Chandra Bose etc came into the middle of the people and make them confident for fighting against their controllers and make their country freedom they mainly steped not for them but for the future, many of them are even ready to face the death. This act from Indians make British powers angry due to this many of the patriots are putted in jails, many of them are killed and many of them are fight for freedom till their end. Mahatma Gandhiji's leadership has worked in the success of getting freedom for India but the process of strike of Gandhi is 'Sathyagrah' which means non violence.

In the beginning the Sathyagraha didn't worked much powerful but soon it make headache in the power of British. Gandhiji led his non violence army to fight against British power without harming anyone, one of the such act was the salt sathyagrapha which stoped the taxing of British for the salt. Satyagraha is not war or fight it is something done with passiontely this make works in getting freedom to all Indians. Soon in 1947 August 15 India got freedom and also along with that the power of dectetorship, and came the democracy that means the every Indian can caste their vote for choosing one leader in which every vote has equal value. The freedom is for talk, speech, education, religious activities without any caste, colour discrimination. Every man and women has equal rights. So here I am proudly saying this 'Jai Hindh'. Happy Independance Day.

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