How to upload a video on youtube

It is very easy to upload a video in youtube. Uploading videos in youtube will help to get more audience than posting in our own site. There is only few steps which will help you to know the process of creating the video and uploading it on the youtube.

1) Create the video-

Youtube accepts videos if it is owned by you, they don't allow the copyright protected videos and other persons work. However one can post their videos with the permission of the owners. It is better if you create a video on your own for uploading it on youtube. Using movie maker and other video studio makers you can create videos or capture videos with camera.

2) Create youtube account-

It is a necessary thing if you want to upload a video on youtube you need to have youtube account. It is very easy to create a youtube account just go to the youtube and sign up using your gmail account.

3)Upload the video-

After sign up, you are now become a member of youtube family so that you can upload and share your videos in the youtube. In your account go to the upload a video and upload it in the youtube.

4)Make informations-

After uploading youtube ask you to give a title and description to your video, I think this option is before uploading the video if it is then provide the title and description and upload it.

5)Share your video-

Share the video that you are uploaded in the youtube using social networks and blogs. You can make your youtube video playable by copying the embedded code by right clicking on the video and paste it on your blog or the site. Provide the url in the social networks for the friends to know about your video.

6)Be active-

Like this process you can upload numerous number of video of your own. Always reply on the comments that your video get from different members. So that you can improve your video creativity skill.
This is the way that one can upload a video in the youtube. Youtube allows a revenue sharing program also if you are an active member of youtube and your videos are big hittings. I hope that this will help you to know how to upload videos in youtube. All the best.

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