How to update a blog daily by writing contents

Content posting is not at all easy as like uploading images for that the writer need to get a topic on his audience wish as well the topic need to be familiar with the author also. Posting contents daily in a cyclic process is very hard thing to follow up, to prepare content first of all find suitable topic and informations about that. If you have plenty of ideas about the topic then the content automatically prepared by your brain, the reason why you can't prepare a content easily is that lack of knowledge about the topic. A content of 350 words can be easily prepared with in 20 minutes if you have real views and ideas about. The mostly noticeable writing problem among the bloggers is they are preparing the content by noticing the words. Never look at the words of the content you are preparing only focus on providing maximum point in the content. A simple technique for preparing 300 word article is that look only on the characters you are using for the writing not to the words. Whenever I prepare content for my site what I am doing is writing the article in 2000 character sometimes it may go more than 2500 character, the amazing thing is that the 2000 character article in most cases in words it is 350 words article and more than 2500 character article is about 400 word content . So do this type of mathematical ways to prepare content so you will never get worry about the words that the article contains and also it will help your brain to collect maximum without having a pressure of making content points. Write content daily on the manner of a time table so that your blog or site will updated daily and also it will help the site to grap a better seo ranks. It is very easy to prepare 2 or more contents daily in this manner, more contents means more chances to get more audience. So prepare contents like a hobby. All the best.

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