How to increase indexed pages of a site

Indexed pages has an important role in the increasing traffic of a site. It is because more indexed pages of a site means more chance to get audience to a site. For eg : if a site has 130 indexed pages and another site has 500 indexed pages then the second site has more chance to get more audience than the first site. Usually indexed pages are created automatically after a page is published but in the case of a new site it is sometimes will not be created automatically. For that the webmaster need to add his site url in the search engine directory. So that the site will be added and updated indexed pages automatically. In addition to the pages if a site has meta description then it is consider as one of the indexed pages. This blog has 126 published pages are there but google indexed pages are 133 it is because the site has meta descriptions, tags , short description etc so when the search engine calculate the pages and creates indexed pages it creates extra indexed pages for the descriptions. Usually an indexed page is created automatically within 15 minutes but it is depend upon the seo stats of the site. Google indexed pages has more value than other search engine because google is the leading search engine. And also an important thing to watch out before creating a page is if a page only contains images or videos then provide a short description in the above of the media so that indexed page is created with that descriptions.

Google loves contents than medias that the reason why adding a description in the media page is important. Adding sites in the directories has always help to create indexed pages, sometimes we can find that our indexed pages are getting without our update it is because creating an indexed page is depend on many factor so the webmaster need to be careful about it. So having more indexed pages for a site means more chance to make traffic. All the best.

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