How to get facebook likes easily

Most of the facebook users especially youths and teenagers are interested to create their own facebook page and like to entertain in it. But a common fact that seeing from the pages that they created will be inactive and many of them failed to make big number of fans for it. Here is some tips that will help you to get more likes to your facebook fan page.
* Active participation is the key of getting more fans. If you post 4 to 6 posts a day then you will surely see an increase in your fans. The main reason is that in every seconds different kinds of people from different geo are searching in the facebook for friends, page, group etc. Facebook will show the latest updates of different post in the below of search option of the suitable keyword. So that your if your post is the latest one about the search seekers keyword then there is a possibility to get like from him.
* I have many time noted that some facebook page admins are suggesting others to like his page through another page post. Sometimes it will work but it is just like a crazy idea to suggest others with the help of another person's page. According to my they why don't the admin has to suggest his friends to like his page. And another way to promote is tell your fans to suggest their friends to like this page so that like a network marketing it will rapidly increase the fans. I am 100% sure that this work.

* Do some contest to find some active fans of the page and make them admin on the basis of your terms and service. So that the active participation of them will make the page to increase fans. Active admin panel will help you to get more likes. I am totally disagree with paid likes, ofcourse it will bring more likes but it is totally useless that to make the site under the money power. So going straight way is the good way to get the popularity of a facebook page.
Social networking activities like posting, participation in pages and groups are always fun. But I have an important message that I will like to remember everyone is that don't get addicted to it. All the best.

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