How to create a computer program

A computer program is not an easy thing to create. A programmer needs both logic and complete knowledge about the programming language for making a useful program on their own wish. Everything has there own languages like that computer also has its own language that is binary codes. When we create a program using a high level language the way we need to create a program are the following.

1) Make the clear informations-

Before we going to create a program or to design a software we need to spend some time in front of a paper and a pen for to make a sense of the purpose of the program. Make an idea about a program before we get start.

2) Make the program-

First of all create the program in a rough paper in a way of giving the correct details and information of the program functions and commands. It is good if we make comment lines in our rough paper to let us to think about the program when we run in the compiler.

3) Add the program in the compiler-

Add all the steps of the program code in the compiler to run. And run it in the compiler. Find the errors which occurs at the time of the running of the program. And make it correct to run, it is very important that first write the program then erase the errors from it.

4) Final touches-

After compiled and running of the program you have successfully completed your work. Now what you have to do is if the program works according to your way then edit the program and make the designing works in it.


The talent of a programmers is that to make the program in the way of maximum reducing the steps. You don't have to give more steps to the program for its function just seduce maximum codes without affecting your program function.
Collection of programs make a software so create programs in the first and then arrange it in to make a software. If you want to learn different programming languages then into this site this site is extremely good for learning computer languages. After learning a computer language you can make softwares on your own wills. So make softwarer and find the new computer world in front of you. All the best.

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