How to create a cartoon video with PC

Creating a cartoon video is not a hard thing anyone can do it if you have a PC and a sound recorder. There are many animation software are available in the internet for creating cartoons. Here is some steps to explain the way one can create a cartoon video easily.

1) Make a theme-

First of all make a storyboard for your video. It is not need to be a movie just a storyboard for a video of 2 minutes is enough. Create the theme in a manner of an incident, joke or something like that. This tutorial is only for creating a short video.

2) Make snapshots-

Using animation softwares or with the help of certain picture creating tools you can create snapshots. It is good if you create 60 snaps for 1 minute video otherwise the video motion will be too slow. You can easily make 4 or 5 snaps from one picture itself by simple editings.

3) Make sound records-

If you want to create a video containing a conversation then you can create sounds by recording it with mobile recorders and other recording materials. If you wants only you have to do this or you can add background music for your cartoon video.

4) Add the media-

You have to import all the snaps to the movie maker in its correct order of the video motion. And also include the music or your sound clips to the movie maker to produce sounds for your video.

5) Create video-

After adding all the snaps and sound clips in the movie maker, add all of it in the motion creator. Just connect all the snap with the back of the previous snaps. That is just like the way of arranging the snaps in back of the another snap for making correct motion for the snaps to present without coming like a sudden fall of images. And also add the sound clips according to the motion of the picture.

6) Make presentation-

After making the content of the video and making all the arrangement for it, you have to create the presentation for the video. Make a snap in the movie maker itself which telling the title of the video. And add an ending snap with includes two snaps that 'the end' and another snap which contains the information about the video that is producer, director, storyboard etc.

7) Final touch ups-

Your video is finally created now just watch your video and find the problems in it and clear it. Make sure that all snaps are running at the correct time along with the sound clip. After all save the work and your video is created.
This is just only a tutorial to create a very short video of just 1 or 3 minutes for more that that it is better if you do it with a group work. All the best.

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