An Independence Day message to think

Independence means freedom to act as like everyone. Everyone has there own wills and desires but if it not make them to become their own wish then what will be the meaning of freedom. Freedom never means that one can do any bad and unwanted things but it only means everyone has a right to express their views about a subject which is not based on the colour of their skin or the caste they born in, it is depend according to the citizen of the nation. Right to education is a part of freedom, every child has the right to get educated not on the basis of their caste or money in the hands of the person. Education never means that it will make a child rich or good employee more than education makes a child how to behave good manners, creating a moral attitude. Every man and women has equal right to get educated and has the right to express their views. There are many children who engaged in child labour or lost education and childhood because of the poverty. Todays children are tomorrows India so making bright future for them means we are developing tomorrows India. Even though India got Independence in 1947 there are still many of them are under slavery because of the poverty and missing of education. In our pledge it is saying that all Indians our brothers and sister but never this words make a person to thing about his country. India is not a country it is a home like a family in there everyone are equal and the right to express their views and deserves the right as other family members get.

I love India means I love my brothers and sisters of my country not on the basis of colour of their skin or not according to the caste they follows or not based on the education they got but on the basis of we are one. I didn't hope that this Independence message make a person to thing about his country but I believe that someone or someday will fight against the poverty and step forward for the rights of the common people. Thank you all.

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