A simple guide for creating a blog

I always say blogging is the best way to earn income from the internet. Blogging never means that you can earn only but it is a media in which you can share your ideas to the world. There are many online users who are not aware about blogging and how to start a blog. Here is some steps to explain about the creation of a blog.

1) Create Gmail account-

It is a necessary thing that one should need a gmail account for creating a blogger account. Gmail is one of the world trusted email service in which one can communicate with others. It is very easy to join in the google email service goto www.gmail.com. You can't make blogger account with other email service.

2) Sign in -

Sign in to your blogger profile using the gmail id. Blogger and gmail both are part of the google service, all the google services are accessed by the gmail id. After sign in complete your profile details in the google+.

3) Create a blog-

After setup your blogger account then goto create a blog. When creating a blog you should have to give a suitable title to your blog and also provide a interesting url also. Another thing you have to watch is select the template for your blog.

4) Customize layouts-

You can drag and drop the layouts by going on to the layout menu. In there you can add widgets, third party ad banners for your site.Third party ad banners and other outside widgets are placing in to your blog by editing any of the layout and click on the html/javascript . Open it and place the code and save it.

5) Customize template-

Then goto your template and customize option. In here you can make the writing styles, colouring of the letters, underlines for the writing are done. You can add your favourite font styles, enlarge or decrease the width of the sidebars are all done in here.

6) Add content-

Editing and creation of the blog are finished now it is the main thing to start that is adding contents. Contents are the key of a site in which you can post contents in your wish and in your view. Through contents you can share your ideas to the world. You can post a content by going on to new post. After adding the content in the content box, give a suitable title for the content. And publish it, if you want to categorize the content on different topics you can done it with labels. Remember blogs doesn't have a homepage, if you want a homepage and another separate page for resourses you can make it with the help of labels.

7)Be active with blogging-

You can post anything in your blog, sharing pictures, videos and anything that you wanted to share with your audience. After knowing this much things it is better to learn seo information so that you can make an active blogging experience.
This is only a simple guide in which one can create a blog for their own manly many of the internet users are aware about how to create a blog. This is just a guide for the beginners who don't know how to start blogging. All the best.

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